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Camel AAC 500ml - SR1 - Aqua Green(009)

Aqua Green: The color gives a glossy, bright and long lasting finish.

Pebeo Acrylic Extra Fine Black Mica Mortar - 500 ml jar

Pebeo Black Mica Mortar made from a mixture of acrylic polymer and iron oxide mica, which gives a metallic effect

Pebeo Acrylic Extra Fine Crystal Mortar - 500 ml jar

Pebeo Crystal Mortar made from a mixture or acrylic polymer and quartz crystal which can be applied on canvas, cardboard etc.,

Pebeo Acrylic Extra Fine Sand Mortar - 500 ml jar

Pebeo Acrylic Pumice Mortar made from acrylic polymers and silica, it gives a thick and granular consistency. with semi matt finish.

Pebeo Artist Acrylic Extra Fine Matt Gel - 500 ml jar

Pebeo Matt gel is the medium preferred by Mixed Media and Art Journaling artists for collages when attaching thicker paper and objects, or when creating texture, on pieces of artwork.

PEBEO Artist Acrylic Gesso White (Single Coat) 500ml Jar

Made in France. The application of Gesso is essential for proper preparation of the surface to be painted. Indeed, its application is an insurance of proper adhesion of paint layers on the surface.