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Aarthi Goyal's Resin Workshop Kit

We've given you a range of choices in terms of sizes and brands, choose what best suits you!

What you need for the workshop :

White gesso for priming MDF

MDF base

Art Resin

Masking tape

Green Moss

Ocean Pigment Kit

Popsicle sticks

Drop Cloth (optional, but recommended)

Blow Torch (optional)

Any Plastic Cups to mix resin and pigments

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Epoke Art Resin Kit 1.2Kg

Set Contain: Resin: 900gram Hardener: 300gram

Epoke Art Resin Kit 300gram

Set Contain: Resin: 225gram Hardener: 75gram

MDF Coasters Square 6x6" Set of 4

set of four square mdf base boards in 6x6 inch square measurement. Ideal for resin art, fluid art, acrylic painting and craft projects. We recommend you prime the surface with gesso before painting.

Mont Marte Gesso 500ml

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This water-based Universal Primer is superb for preparing surfaces for painting. It is a bright white opaque primer with an absorbent character. Mont Marte Gesso may be used on canvas, cardboard and wood. Once dry, Gesso may be painted on with acrylics and oils. Mont Marte Gesso is acid free and provides an absorbent surface to paint on. Apply two thin coats of Gesso for a smooth surface with Mont Marte Gesso Brushes. May also be applied with a palette knife for a more textured effect. Touch dry within 2 hours, longer for heavier application. Clean up with water.

Aarthi's Resin Workshop FULL KIT @ (Discounted Price)

This kit includes the following : MDF 10x10 set of 4 - Rs. 260 Epoke Art Resin Kit 300grm - Rs. 630 Brustro White gesso 220ml - Rs.299 Popsicle sticks - Rs. 70 EP1 Ocean Pigment kit - Rs.500 Masking Tape 1 inch - Rs. 40 Green Moss - Rs.275 Popsicle sticks Rs.85 Total Rs. 2089 Discounted Price for the full kit: Rs. 1899/-