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Aarthi's Resin Workshop FULL KIT @ (Discounted Price)

SKU: Kit2
This kit includes the following : MDF 10x10 set of 4 - Rs. 260 Epoke Art Resin Kit 300grm - Rs. 630 Brustro White gesso 220ml - Rs.299 Popsicle sticks - Rs. 70 EP1 Ocean Pigment kit - Rs.500 Masking Tape 1 inch - Rs. 40 Green Moss - Rs.275 Total Rs. 2074 Discounted Price for the full kit: Rs. 1866/-
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We've put together the basic supplies for the workshop at a special price with free shipping:

White gesso for priming MDF

MDF base 

Art Resin

Masking tape

Green Moss 

Ocean Pigment Kit 

Popsicle sticks


Not Included, but available on the website - check below in related products

Drop Cloth (optional, but recommended)

Blow Torch (optional)

Other MDF Base size options 

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