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Mijello Double Decker Airtight Palette 40 Wells

Product Code: MWP-1640 Mijello Double Decker Airtight Palette is an airtight palette ideal for plain air painting or painting while traveling. It includes a removable mixing tray which serves as an additional palette that stacks tightly with the base when closed.

Mijello Ellipse Peel Off Palette S (Oil & Acrylic)

Product Code: MAP-3078 Mijello Ellipse Peel-off Palettes are constructed using a non-porous, high-impact plastic which makes them ideal for oils and acrylics. These unique palettes allow you to remove dried paint, even acrylics just by peeling them off.

Mijello Peel Off Airtight Pan Palette - 28 wells

Product Code: MAP-1728 Mijello Airtight Pan Palette is designed to prevent acrylics, oils or watercolours from drying. Its airtight feature makes ideal for use with acrylic paints.

Mijello Symphony Palette (Watercolour) 24 Wells

Product Code: MWP-3042 Mijello Symphony Watercolour Palette is an ergonomically designed palette for use by both left and right handed artists.

Mijello Triple Decker Airtight Watercolour Palette 52 Wells

Product Code: MWP-1752. Mijello Triple Decker Airtight Palette is an ideal palette for watercolour painting. Unlike other normal watercolor palettes, when you squeeze the paint into a pan and close the palette, the wet paint does not leak through. Its airtight function contains the paint within the palette, preventing unwanted spills and messes.