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Canson Colorline Sheets 300 gsm Buttercup (05)

Manufacturer: CANSON
SKU: 3148950413055


  • Canson Colorline sheets are smooth with 300gsm and adapt well to heavy work, and being double sided, they are also suitable for sketching and drawing.
  • The smooth side is ideal for felt and marker pens whilst the lightly grained side is good for pencil, charcoal and pastels.
  • These even grain and texture add to the sensation of depth and make it resistant to rubbing out and scratching and it is acid free
  • In keeping with the range's name the available pallet of colours is the largest for its category, thirty vivid and contemporary colours make up the range, all pulp-dyed giving them a remarkable homogeneity.
  • It is ideal for handicrafts and pencil.
  • This ¬†sheet is suitable for pastel, chalk, charcoal and sanguine.
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