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Canson Moulin du Roy Sheet - 56cm x 76cm - 300gsm - Satin Grain / Hot Pressed Pack of 10

Manufacturer: CANSON
SKU: 31489543689006
Available on our website as a pack of 10 only. Note: Available in our physical store as single sheets at Rs.555/- each


  • Canson® Moulin du Roy® is a watercolour paper produced on a traditional cylinder mould machine, it has the look and feel of a handmade paper.
  • Its 100% cotton quality gives it both ideal absorbency and superior strength.
  • Internal and surface sizing permit the lifting of dried colour and the opportunity to refine and rework the watercolour, pigments are brighter.
  • Naturally white, acid free and made entirely without bleaching agents, for an optimal conservation over time.

    Weight or thickness

    300 gsm

    Colours and textures

    3 available textures: cold pressed, hot pressed, rough grain

    Recommended techniques

    Ideal for: watercolour

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