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Crayola Crayons 24 Colours

Manufacturer: Crayola
SKU: 562003
Standard crayons measure 3-5/8" long × 5/16" in diameter (92 mm × 8 mm).
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  • Crayola Crayons are the classic kids' art tool.
  • They are the colors generations have grown up with.
  • Crayola Crayons are designed with a focus on true color, smoothness, and durability.


A Timeless Crayon
Kids have always loved using Crayola crayons while learning to spell, color and draw. They have a soft texture that glides smoothly on paper.

Classic Crayola Colors
With a mini-rainbow of classic Crayola colors to choose from, kids can create any scene they're inspired to draw. 

Clean and Durable
These non-toxic crayons won't make a mess and are double-wrapped to resist breakage.

Package Contents
Apricot, Burnt Sienna, Mahogany, Peach, Sepia, Tan,Gray, Green-Blue, Green-Yellow, Orange-Red, Orange-Yellow, Peach, Violet-Blue,Violet-Red,Blue-Green, Blue-Violet, Carnation Pink, Red-Orange, Red-Violet, White, Yellow-Green, Yellow-Orange,Black and White for blending.

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