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Crayola JUMBO Crayons Set 8

Manufacturer: Crayola
SKU: 71662003890
These 5" long × 9/16" diameter (127 mm × 14 mm) crayons are easy for children to grasp and double-wrapped for extra strength.
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Crayola Jumbo Crayons are the kids art tool.

They're easy to hold, but hard to break! These 5" long × 9/16" diameter (127 mm × 14 mm) crayons are easy for children to grasp and double-wrapped for extra strength.

Each box contains 8 crayons in key primary and secondary colors, including Birdie Blue, Bunch O' Grapes Purple, Bunny Brown, Candy Apple Red, Jack O'Lantern Orange, Kitty Cat Black, Leap Frog Green, and Sunshine Yellow.