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Derwent Pastel Pencils set of 12 Tin

Manufacturer: DERWENT
SKU: 008018
Derwent Pastel Pencils have vast range of colours which allow artists to layer colours on top of each other in order to create new tints and hues.
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  • In Derwent pastel pencils, the wide colour strip is powdery and soft so mixing and blending is really easy and because it is encased in wood you get the pastel effect without the mess (if you can resist using your fingers to blend!).
  • The derwent pastel pencils can be easily mixed and blended which is suitable for all types of pastel work.
  • The pastel pencils are ideal for creating crisp, fine lines and detailed pastel studies.
  • The pastel pencils include Process Yellow, Spectrum Orange, Cadmium Red, Violet, Cyan, Prussian Blue, Forest Green, Pea Green, Sepia, Yellow Ochre, Carbon Black, Titanium White and a free Blending White.
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