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Faber Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen Set of 24 (Studio Box)

Product Code: (#167147) Tip: B = brush tip

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pen Black Fineliner - Wallet of 4 (XS,S,F,M)

Product Code: (#167115) Tip: S = 0.3 mm, F = 0.5 mm, M = 0.7 mm, B = brush width

Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens Black - Wallet of 4 (S,F,M,B)

Product Code: (#167100) Tip: S = 0.3 mm, F = 0.5 mm , M = 0.7 mm, B = brush width

PanPastel Extra Dark Shades - Set of 20 (30207)

Extra Dark Shades, Set of 20 — This set includes Hansa Yellow Extra Dark Shade, Diarylide Yellow Extra Dark Shade, Yellow Ochre Extra Dark Shade, Orange Extra Dark Shade, Permanent Red Extra Dark Shade, Red Iron Oxide Extra Dark Shade, Magenta Extra Dark Shade, Violet Extra Dark Shade, Ultramarine Blue Extra Dark Shade, Phthalo Blue Extra Dark Shade, Turquoise Extra Dark Shade, Phthalo Green Extra Dark Shade, Permanent Green Extra Dark Shade, Chromium Oxide Green Extra Dark Shade, Bright Yellow Green Extra Dark Shade, Burnt Sienna Extra Dark Shade, Raw Umber Extra Dark Shade, Neutral Grey Extra Dark Shade, Neutral Gray Extra Dark Shade, and Paynes Gray Extra Dark Shade.

PanPastel Shades Set of 20 (30206)

20 colours shades set

PanPastel Starter Set of 5 - Painting (30051)

Colours for set of 5 : Hansa Yellow, Permanant Red, Ultamarine Blue, Titanium White and Black

PanPastel Tints - Set of 20 (30204)

Tints Set of 20 : Titanium White, Orange Tint, Violet Tint, Phthalo Green Tint, Burnt Sienna Tint, Hansa Yellow Tint, Permanent Red Tint, Ultramarine Blue Tint, Permanent Green Tint, Raw Umber Tint, Diarylide Yellow Tint, Red Iron Oxide Tint, Phthalo Blue Tint, Chrome Oxide Green Tint, Neutral Grey Tint, Yellow Ochre Tint, Magenta Tint, Turquoise Tint, Bright Yellow Green Tint & Paynes Grey Tint.

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