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Ecoline Brush Pen Set of 20

Manufacturer: Royal Talens
SKU: 080756
Availability: Out of stock


  • The Talens Ecoline brush pen is very user friendly. A pen available in the unique brilliant Ecoline colours
  • A pen that paint like a brush and holds like a marker, a  pen that brings your work to life
  • Handy when travelling and ideal when working at a place that needs be kept clean.
  • The brush pen is ready for immediate use, and is odourless as well.
  • You can use the Brush Pen for thin, precise lines or for energetic strokes, but also for filling in large colour sections.  The Brush Pen is suitable for both a quick sketch and adding the finishing touches.
  • Using the special Brush Pen blender, colours can be mixed or subdued, and some wonderful wash effects and colour transitions can be created.
  • Forgotten to put the cap back on? A dried brush tip can be easily saved by moistening it with some water.
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