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Escoda SR-1540 Versatil Round Brush S/H No.12

Manufacturer: Escoda Brushes
SKU: 191058
Image For Representative Purpose Only. 1540 Pointed Round, Size 12 Style: Short Handle Width: 7.0 mm Length: 28 mm
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  • A True Kolinsky Sable Imitation (Synthetic Kolinsky Fibre); Considered by most artists as the closest replica to real, high quality kolinsky sable hair
  • Excellent for use both with watercolour and good for acrylic / oil, allowing artists to create fine details as well as providing superior performance for colouring large areas and backgrounds; Stiffness: 3 on 6
  • Triple Crimped Ferrule, ensuring that it will remain in place for a lifetime of use
  • Perfect Point; Crisper Edges; Natural Spring; Superior Absorption; Increased Fluid Retention; Built in memory for a permanent long-lasting shape
  • Handle: Short; Shape: Round Pointed; Size: 12

Brush has a round ferrule, Pointed tip. Use on point or apply pressure to make thick-to-thin strokes. Detail work or filling large areas depending upon the size of the brush and pressure applied. Watercolor wash effects with larger sized brushes. Round Pointed brush is ideal for detailed work.

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