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Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrator by Sha Tahmasebi

Manufacturer: SEARCH PRESS
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This fashion figure book gives detailed coverage on the basics of design and figure drawing. Includes a CD with 250 images to work with.
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Fashion industry has grown leaps and bounds over the years. So for any beginner drawing a proportional figure with the image is the basic foundation. Incricate garmet details will have maxmium effect only if the body showing it off is drawn to the best possible proportion.

This book holds your hand through this process of understanding the tricky part of acheiving that perfect figure.

Packed with scores of correctly proportioned fashion poses suitable for a variety of garments and styles of design, this book provides the tools to draw and render the draped fashion figure, perfectly, every time.

As well as the resource of ready-made figures, students can pick and choose from a library of foundation garment blocks and design details, enabling them to bring their own uniquely clothed fashion figures to life.

Includes a CD with 250 images to work with.


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