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Air Dry Clay

Kohinoor Keraplast Cermamic Clay White / Terracotta:

If you choose to model with Kera Plast ceramic paste, save yourself some work hardening it, as things made using this modelling clay harden easily at room temperature. The finished products can then be painted (with acrylic, distemper or KOH-I-NOOR hobby paints) and varnished. 

Kohinoor Sculpters Clay:

Soft modelling clay, greasy, vacuum-packed, sandstone (ochre) in colour, suitable for sculptors for creating models with lavishly fine details (reliefs); 500g vacuum-packed in aluminium foil, may be purchased in any quantity by arrangement.

Kohinoor Light-weight Clay:

Knead the clay before modelling; smooth the finished work with your damp fingers and leave to dry at room temperature. The clay is very light when dry, making it ideal for hanging ornaments, beads, etc. Once dry, the surface can be painted or otherwise decorated. Wrap any unused clay in a plastic bag, not cling film. The clay is suitable for children, and comes vacuum-packed in aluminium foil in packs

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Creations Natural Clay - Terracotta 250gms

•Dry naturally •Easy to shape •Air hardening modeling paste for mouldings, sculpture

Creations Natural Clay - Terracotta 500gms

•Air dry natural modeling paste •Easy to shape

Creations Natural Clay - White 250gms

•Dry naturally •Easy to shape •Air hardening modeling paste for mouldings, sculpture

Mungyo Sculpt Air Dry Clay Peach - 500g

Code: MT-250/MW-250/MF-250

Mungyo Sculpt Air Dry Colourable Clay 500g

Code: MW-500/MT-500/MF-500 Colourable Clay 500grams

Sakura Air Dry Paper Clay 100gms

Light and Flexible White Clay

Mont Marte Polymer Clay Set of 10

Product Code: MMSP5011

Potter Wheel - Big

Diameter - 11.6"

Potter Wheel - Small

(Diameter - 7'')