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FINE TEC Pearlescent Colour - Pearl Gold (F1222)

SKU: 401387
Handmade colour made in Germany The watercolour is non-Toxic, mica Based and are Opaque
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Finetec Artist Mica Watercolors are made with mica, a natural mineral that shimmers and shines. They're ideal for adding special effects and highlights to watercolor paintings, and also for calligraphy.

Blend Mica Watercolors to create unique shades. Colors adhere to all absorbent surfaces, including paper, wood, and gypsum.


  • Fine Tec 30MM - Crystal Gold is High Lightfastness, High Pigmentation, Excellent Dissolving.


  • The Fine Tec watercolours are non-toxic, mica Based and opaque 


  • Can be dissolved with water and a brush just like watercolours and are perfectly suited for calligraphy, painting, fashion illustrations, design or hobby.


  • Beside the use of brushes, these paints are also suitable for use with Glass Pens & Calligraphy Nibs, dip pen etc.,


  • FineTec Pearl colours can be mixed with each other as well as with other paint media; All Colours look great on light and dark paper and adhere to various kinds of absorbent surfaces.


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