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FINE TEC Pearlescent Colours Set of 6 Metal Box (F0602S)

SKU: 401985
Cake Size: 30x22 mm Item No: F0602S
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The highly pigmented and opaque colours with high lightfastness.
The colours are water soluble and have excellent resistance.
Ideal for calligraphy, painting and graphic art. 

Due to the innovative chameleon effect, the color changes depending on the light and perspective of the viewer within a broad spectrum. Your 3D objects can thus be particularly effectively staged.

This set cotains a patina colour, essentially exhibiting three shades at once blue, green and gold. 

Note: Mixing fields in the lid and interchnagable paint cakes. 

Contains the following colors:

  • Patina (flip-flop)
  • emerald
  • High Chroma Blue
  • Vintage lilac
  • platinum
  • Mint

Made in Germany