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Garzapapel Sheet 140 gsm - Ivory A4 (Ink & Pen) - Single Sheet

Size: 21 x 30 cm or A4 (002)
SKU: 8436047250023


 • 100% recycled cotton
 • Acid free
 • Four deckle edges  
 • Size 21 x 30  cm. A4, 30 x 40 cm. A3
 • Colour:  Ivory 140 gr./m2


  •  Most of the papers currently in the market for ink-pen are industrially manufactured.
  •  Garzapapel ink-pen paper is manufactured in an artisan way, sheet by sheet, thus Garzapapel ink-pen paper has four natural  deckle edges (not torn). 
  •  Providing thus to the paper a very much appreciated artisan aesthetic.
  •  Very few papers can guarantee to be manufactured only with cotton.
  •  Using in all our products cotton fibers we can ensure its composition, 100% recycled cotton. 
  •  This well appreciated feature gives the paper a greater long-lasting and fixing of the works. 
  •  In spite of the fact that the hand-made papers have their own roughness, both the press between wooden felts and the special  blend of recycled cotton give them the smoothness which allows a soft writing on Garzapapel ink-pen paper.
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