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HTC Studio Rental

Introductory Offer for HTC Studio rental
(From December 2021 till further notice)  

Hello! We’re so glad you’re interested in renting out our space. Here are some ground rules and prices to ensure you have a smooth sailing while at HTC. Our Studio is located inside our physical store in Chennai and is around 200 Sq ft approximately. We have large bay windows that provide plenty of natural light that's sure to enhance your time here and that art too! It's secluded and thanks to the ample car pakring and ideal location (center of the city), people would love nothing more than to unwind with a cuppa and a paint brush here.


  1. Rental for art parties with friends (non-commercial) : will be for a minimum of 3 hours @ ₹2500 and every additional hour will be at ₹750 (available from Monday to Friday only). Please note that any additional half hour will be rounded up to one hour. This is for a party of max 5 people. Anything above this person count will be considered a workshop rental.
  2. Rental for private art class / workshops / talks or demos: charges will be at ₹3000 for 3 hours (min booking) and every additional hour will be at ₹850 for Friday and Saturday. For other weekdays, it will be ₹3000 for 3 hours and ₹700 for every additional hour. Please note that any additional time over and above the three hours, will be rounded up to one hour. You can only accommodate 10-12 people. Tables and chairs will be provided only for these many people.
  3. Regular art classes : can be only at a set time every week and a minimum of four sessions must be booked for this rate to be applicable. You will get a discounted workshop rate when you book in advance. Rates to be decided on a case to case basis.
  4. Rental for art photography purpose: Only studio lights and table will be provided, while camera etc., will be your own. Only 3-4 people allowed for this in the studio and the rental rate will be ₹850 an hour only on weekdays. Care must be taken to ensure that equipment is used properly.


  1. Studio should be maintained in a neat way and common supplies like water mugs etc can be used. But note that it must be cleaned by you and placed back in the same way. Incase you want us to clean up after you, a charge of ₹400 will apply. Messy workshops like resin / fluid acrylic or anything that requires excessive cleanup will be charged ₹750 for cleanup separately.
  2. Samples and other items kept in the studio are off limits. Kindly respect this. Do not touch or handle any of our professional photography equipment unless authorised.
  3. You can utilise the ac, fan and overhead lights as needed. Kindly put everything back in its place and switch off the same when you’re done.
  4. Please respect the booking timings, any additional time will be rounded up to an additional hour. Please also observe all COVID related protocol.
  5. Workshop organisers can avail a discount on bulk supplies from HTC if they are conducted here. Emphasis on BULK, as it won’t count for smaller quantities or regular in-store purchase.
  6. Your workshop event will not be promoted in any way on social media or otherwise by us. This is purely a space rental and not a collaboration. You are however welcome to put up printed posters at the physical store.
  7. Please note our staff at HTC will not be available to help you for any of your event related activity like setup, distribution of material etc.,. You will need to make arrangements for the same at your end.
  8. Only light snacks and beverages are allowed in the studio, as long as you clean up after yourselves. You can order snacks at CAFE FRESH in the GF and have them delivered. No swiggy or Dunzo deliveries are allowed to walk into the studio directly, as they generally tend to disturb the retail counter downstairs. Therefore, you can step outside the premises and collect the same, in person. Please ensure your workshop participants are made aware of these rules.
  9. You need to make bookings in advance and pay for the rental in FULL to block the space. Cancellations / refunds are not allowed unless there is a force majure. I hope you understand this, as it’s a lost opportunity for us and hence this rule. We cannot postpone the Booking either, especially weekend bookings. Prices quoted are excluding taxes.
  10. Bookings are currently open from Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 8 pm. Sundays the studio is not open.
  11. The official Price are subject to revision at anytime at management’s discretion. Please refer to the link in the website for the same.
  12. If you are interested please email us your desired date, purpose and time of Event and we will let you know about availability. Email:
  13. Refundable security deposit of ₹1500 is applicable for long hour bookings. You can handover cash at the time of occupying the studio and collect it when you leave, once all dues are paid.
  14. Payment method preferred is cash or an online LINK for payment HINDUSTANONLINE