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Manuscript Cool Melt Wax Gun

Manufacturer: MANUSCRIPT
SKU: 370143
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If you have watched old movies then you will remember the red seal on letters and packages and thier applealing old school charm. Sealing is an art form steeped in history since time immemorial it has served as a personal signature the world over.

Manuscript has formulated a simplified way to apply Wax seals to your correspondence, greeting cards, gifts and more.

The Cool Melt Wax gun has a wider set nozzle specifically designed for use Manuscripts Wax sticks and operates at a low temperature. Perfect for occasions that require you to produce 200 wedding invitations or creating dozens of stunning parcel toppers for all of your Christmas gifts.


  • Low temperate Wax Gun. Use with 8mm (5/16 “) Sealing Wax
  • Complete with a stand to hold item upright when not in use
  • Wider nozzle specially designed for use with Wax
  • Packaging contains instructions for use
  • Provides an easy clean & fast way to make seals
  • For use with the Manuscript Decorative Sealing Handles Wax & extras
  • Item does not contain Wax sticks


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