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Manuscript Creative Calligraphy set (4 nib set)

Four Nibs: Fine / Scroll 4 / Drawing & Music / 3B. Classic Front end. Code: MC1105
Manufacturer: MANUSCRIPT
SKU: 008029

The Creative Calligraphy Set features Manuscript's Classic style pen with a selection of nibs suited best for cartooning, sketching, illustrative work, music writing and decorative invitation writing work.

This set is Ideal for a reasonably experienced calligrapher, graphic artists and crafters.

The pack includes:

  • Fine (0.85mm) nib section  
  • Scroll 4 (2.5mm) nib section 
  • Drawing & Music nib section 
  • 3B (2.2mm) nib section  
  • Classic pen model 
  • Black Fountain Pen Ink Cartridge 
  • Fountain Pen Ink Converter  
  • Instruction leaflet 
  • Storage case