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Manuscript Oblique Holder with Brass Felange (Fits most nibs)

Manufacturer: MANUSCRIPT
SKU: 370523
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NIKKO G Pen Pointed NIB (General ) - Set of 2 nibs

These chrome-plated nibs have a perfect medium flex, making them forgiving and easy to use, while still producing a great balance of fine hairlines and thick swells. The Nikko G is exceptionally smooth and will not snag or jump, holds a lot of ink, and is remarkably long-lasting. All of these qualities combined make this pointed nib user-friendly and encourage novice lettering artists to keep practicing.

Camel Drawing Special Ink Black 20ml

Camel Drawing Special Ink Black 20ml

Manuscript Copperplate Calligraphy Nib Set of 3 (leonardt dip nibs)

Manuscript's Leonardt Copperplate set offers a selection of nibs that will enable you to create a variety of scripts such as Copperplate and Spencerian. Using the 3 nib set you can create excellent shades and crisp lines.