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Mijello Artelier Neutral Grey Palette (For Oils & Acrylic)

Manufacturer: MIJELLO
SKU: 003044
Availability: In stock
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Mijello Artelier Trucolor Neutral Grey Airtight Palette is a peel off palette ideal for use with acrylic and oil paints. It is suitable for mixing natural and lifelike colours. It perfectly imitates the look of the paint as it appears on the painting surface. It is made of ABS plastic making it solvent resistant. This two-piece palette featuring sealable design keeps paints fresh for days and sometimes even weeks!

Designed by artists for artists, it features 28 divided wells surrounding a larger central well. It includes a snap-on lid, with an airtight rubber gasket, which provides an additional area. Clean this palette without any scrubbing or rubbing. Cleaning is simple too, as oil colors wipe away easily with a solvent-dampened cloth. For the acrylic paints, simply peel it off when dried.

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