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Mridula's Calligraphy Supplies

Here's a list of recommended supplies by our local calligraphy expert. 

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Tachikawa Wooden Nib Pen Holder T - 40 (Blue Grip)

Model : T40 Wooden Pen Holder with rubber grip and protection cap! It is compatible with round and regular pens. The pen holder has double grip rings at its tip; the inner ring can take the smaller nibs like the Maru-Pen and the larger ring can have the firm regular nibs. The tip material firmly grips the tips, preventing them from moving out of place as you draw.

Zebra G Nib Pack of 10

Zebra G nibs from Japan are super famous because of their versatile nature. These nibs are made for comic and manga drawing. But they are used widely in modern calligraphy also, making this nib one for the ages. It fits into any universal holder and is perfect for artists and calligraphers alike.