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MTN Spain Spray Paints

MTN 94 set a new standard in spray paint quality and design; with the fusion of ultra fast drying time combined with a new synthetic matte finish formula in a low-pressure can. The high quality components offer an incomparable versatility and precision control in any application.

  • Matt Paint
  • Low Pressure
  • Wide Range of colour


MTN Hardcore, is much more than a multipurpose spray paint. The opacity and brightness of the colors that make up the color chart offer a versatility that is off the charts.

  • Glossy Finish
  • High Pressure


MTN Water-based Spray is a Low odor, resin based, water soluble spray paint. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use since they are water resistant once dry.

  • Low Odour
  • Water-based
  • Perfect for indoor work
  • Small pocket size 100ml
  • Permanent once dry


MTN Speciality Paint is a product line that serves as a compliment to the rest of the spray paint ranges.

  • Removable paint
  • Speciality colours like Fluorescent, Translucent (Spectro), Glow-in-the-dark and washable Chalk. 
  • Low Pressure 
  • 400ml