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Oak Arts Miniature 3D Quilling Set

Manufacturer: Oak Arts
SKU: 561366


In this kit we'll learn how to roll & shape thin strips of paper to make tiny 3-D stand alone objects such as flower pots, kettles, bottles, cakes, lamps, etc. using finer strips of paper. The kit also includes a DIY calendar project. A calendar that never expires and can be used year after year by simpply shifting the date and month tiles. This calendar is amazingly easy and fun to make. Simply stick the alphabet & number stickers to make month & date tiles and decorate it with simple and easy miniature quilling designs explained in the kit. 

Quilling Kit Content
“Miniature 3D Quilling” – A complete kit with 
Wooden calendar base, Blank month and date tiles, 2 sticker sheets (alphabets & numbers), Quilling 
strips in 2mm, 3mm & 10mm width (200 each), One Slotted Quilling Tool, Tweezer, Loop wire for 
hanging month tiles, Wire (for making spirals), Green wire for stems,Glue, Miniature 3D quilling book.