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Pebeo Drawing Gum 45ml

Manufacturer: PEBEO
SKU: 001445
This removable gray liquid frisket for watercolor and airbrush is water soluble when wet, but dries waterproof.
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Pebeo Drawing Gum is a natural latex that is like a peelable rubber solution for masking paper in artworks generally done in ink, watercolour and gouache. This protects that area of the paper where it is applied and doesn't allow paint to penetrate the area. It isĀ water soluble when wet but becomes waterproof after drying. Apply the Drawing Gum using a brush or a pen.

The drying time varies depending on the thickness of the application and once try you can rub it off the sheet with your finger or use an eraser. To avoid damaging brushes while using the Drawing Gum, apply soap onto the head of the brush before use; after use, clean it immediately.

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