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Pebeo P.BO deco Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Manufacturer: PEBEO
SKU: 753401
Pebeo deco set has 6 colours which can be used for decorative purposes. Pebeo deco colours are water based, opaque, Pearl, fluid, intermixable with professional quality.
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  • Pebeo deco colours are waterproof when dry and they are ready to use acrylic colours with excellent lightfastness.
  • Discovery set contain 6 colours each of 20ml, it includes (Pearl Gold, Pearl Silver, Chocolate Pearl, Red Pearl, Green Pearl and Night Blue Pearl)

Applications and instructions:

  • The deco colours set used on most surfaces like paper, canvas board, wood, MDF, plaster, terracotta, metal, salt dough, stone and polystyrene
  • These colours can be permanent or non-permanent in accordance with application surface
  • Apply the Deco colours using a foam roller and brush, sponge, painting knife, stencil brush or stencil onto the desired surface; the colours can be thinned with water
  • Allow it to dry in a non-dust environment; the colours take 30 minutes to dry to the touch and becomes fully dry in 24 hours
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