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Pebeo Vitrail Glass Colour 250ml

Vitrail Glass colours come in 250ml individual bottles. Choose froma variety of colours and consult the shade card to get an idea of what the colour could be like.

If you are a fan of Stain Glass painting you can combine with your purchase of glass paints, lead strips that imitate the thick outline of stained glass windows using. These are self adhesive lead strips, combined with Vitrail Glass colours create some amazing glass art. Look out also for Fantasy Prisme and Moon paint that can be combined with Vitrail glass colours to give honeycomb and marble effects. 

You can use it on liquid Art Panels, glass, canvas, metal, mirror, plexiglas, acetate, plastics, paper and ceramics. Make sure to stir before using and do not shake as this will create air bubbles. 

Click here to see how to use these fabulours glass colours.

Vitrail on Canvas view here.

See how to use the outliner that is essential to any good glass painting.



You can use a loaad of extra mediums and auxiliaries to enhance your glass painting experience. 


1. Pebeo Cerne Relief Outliner:

This is an outliner that can be used on glass mainly but also on liquid Art Panels, canvas, metal, mirror, Plexiglas, acetate, plastics and ceramics.

Normally it is used as an outliner for Pebeo Vitrail Glass colours. You can create highlights and also use it as a barrier to restrict liquid paint within a certain area. 


2. Pebeo Lightening Medium:

Used to create lighter tones without reducing the quality of the colour nor making it more fluid. This glossy finish medium can be used on glass, metal and terracotta with glass colours. 


3. Pebeo Matt Medium:

You can mix this with Vitrail glass colours to obtain a matt finish and a frosted effect.


4. Pebeo Glitter Medium:

This medium can be mixed with any Vitrail glass colour to instantly create glitter effects with that colour.


5. Pebeo Self Adhesive Lead Strip:

Have you ever wanted to achieve the stained glass effect so prevelant in cathedrals? Then look no further as the Pebeo Self adhesive lead strip provide the perfect soloution. Cut and stick them and shape them as you like.

Create Memorable patterns. You can cut them in two if you feel the strip is too thick.

Can use this on Glass, ceramic and Terracotta.

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