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Pentel Arts Colour Brush Pigment - Grey

Manufacturer: PENTEL
SKU: 402306
Pentel Arts Color Brush Pigment watercolor brush pen, brush nib of high quality nylon, pigment ink, ideal for calligraphy, painting and drawing, indelible, refillable with FRP-137X (XGFP-137X)
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  • Pentel colour brush – The innovative and bright watercolour brushes.
  • Colour. works on Nuancenreich Color.
  • The colour is also in the brush tip Mix, they can be used to pick up colours, in accordance with colours Educational teaching mixing and perfect colour washes create.
  • Using of the water tank brush Pentel Aquash brush, colours water-soluble are and soft colour transitions can be created.
  • Ideal for drawings, cartoons, Manga, design, illustration and oriental calligraphy. Cartridge pen with water based ink.