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Discovery Sets

Fantasy Prisme are the new honeycomb effect colours that have been developed by PEBEO. A range of original colours that give your creations a precious and quality aspect with a professional finish. Can be used on a multitude of surfaces like wood, canvas, plastic, glass, terracotta, acetate and more.

  • Can be applied using a dropper, a brush (ex: Pébéo Aqua round or Pure Sable by depositing the colour without pulling on it), or by pouring directly from the bottle on a flat and horizontal surface in a thick coat on a carefully degreased surface.
  • Can be used with the VITRAIL cerne relief with nozzle.
  • The use of the VITRAIL Sparkling Medium adds glittering effects.
  • The Fantasy Prisme colours used on fresh Vitrail colours give surprising effects.
  • The effect obtained when drying depends on the thickness of the application.
  • To add a rounded effect to your creations, use the Glazing resin over very dry Fantasy Prisme colours (48 hours minimum).
  • The objects decorated with the Fantasy Prisme colours must be considered uniquely as decorative objects and only surfaces that are not intended to be in contact with food can be decorated.
  • Application and Helpful Hints: Stir the colours thoroughly with a stick before use.


Click the video link to see how to use these wonderful colours.




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Pebeo Mixed Media Discovery Set Of 12x20ml

Pebeo Mixed Media Discovery Set 12 x 20ml

Pebeo Mixed Media Discovery Set Of 6x20ml

Fantasy Moon: Turquoise Fantasy Prisme: Buttercup, Caribbean Blue Vitrail: Crimson, Lemon Ceramic: Black

Pebeo Ceramic Lacquered Finish Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Pebeo Ceramic discovery collection is a set of 6 colours which are oil based and gives lacquered finish. This set can be used for decoration on ceramics, glass, metal etc.,

Pebeo Fantasy Prisme Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Pebeo Prisme collection set contains 6 different colours with each 20ml. The fantasy prisme colours can be used for decorative objects and craft items.

Pebeo P.Bo Deco Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Pebeo deco set has 6 colours which can be used for decorative purposes. Pebeo deco colours are water based, opaque, Pearl, fluid, intermixable with professional quality.

Pebeo Porcelaine 150 Discovery Collection Set 12x20ml

Pebeo Porcelaine set of 6 colours are water based and glossy. The intermixable colours with a superb enamelled appearance after baking. Porcelaine 150 can be applied to porcelain, earthenware, ceramic etc.,

Pebeo Vitrail Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Pebeo Vitrail colours are solvent based, dense, and very transparent, Vitrail colours are combined with acrylic mediums, Gedeo Resins and Fantasy Prisme & Moon paints to create different techniques.

Pebeo Vitrea 160 Discovery Collection Set 6x20ml

Pebeo vitrea 160 collection set of colours are intermixable, non-toxic, ready to use. They are transparent and glossy which can be used on glass and crystal.