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Ready to Paint Orchids in Watercolour by Ann Motimer

Manufacturer: SEARCH PRESS
SKU: 160200
ISBN: 9781844488216 Pages: 72 Illustrations: 200 Type: BC Paperback Size: 216mmx292mm
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The Ready to Paint series provides six tracings for readers to pull out and transfer on to watercolour paper.

There is one for each of the five step-by-step demonstrations, plus a bonus tracing of the inspirational painting in the introduction section, and full instructions on how to transfer the images.

Orchids are rare beautiful flowers that can effortlessly inspire an artist. Even one with rudimentary skill can learn easily with the step-by-step illutrations and instruction. 

In this book, Ann Mortimer has chosen to paint a pink miltonia, backlit phalaenopsis, slipper orchid, miltonia orchid and an orchid in a bowl. The tracings and clear step-by-step photographs explain the painting process in great depth and make it easy for readers to reproduce all of these projects.


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