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RGM Linoleum Chisels - Lino Carving Tools - 303

Manufacturer: RGM KNIFE
SKU: 3032000121635
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RGM Linoleum Chisels are high quality engraving tools are ideal for engraving matrices in linoleum, and their sturdy construction also allows them to be used with a hammer for carving wood. These are solidly constructed carving tools at an economical price, ideally suited for fine arts students. The range features selection of practical shapes that are suitable for amateurs and professionals. The RGM Linoleum Knives guarantees precise and unparalleled strokes with tempered steel blades that have been thermally attached to shock resistant fiberglass handles and reinforced with a brass containment ferrule. The Black lacquered handle has a long-domed shape that makes it perfect for precision use and ensures excellent grip. Features: Ideal for engraving matrices in linoleum and for carving wood High-quality tempered steel blades guarantee precise and unparalleled strokes Black lacquered long domed shape fiberglass handle makes it perfect for precision use and ensures excellent grip Exceptionally low price.