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Sakura Pigma Micron Pen 0.2 (Black)

Manufacturer: Sakura
SKU: 008056
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  • This permanent, fade resistant, chemically stable, pigment-based ink will not bleed or run if liquids are spilled on or applied to the document after the ink has dried.
  • Perfect for legal situations, Pigma ink is nearly impossible to alter on documents, in log books, or on checks.
  • It’s no wonder architects, archivists, anthropologists, entomologists and laboratories depend on Pigma Micron for record keeping.
  • Manga artists, professional illustrators and watercolorists use the six point sizes to create precision lines.
  • Scrapbook enthusiasts and crafters require its archival quality for preserving memories in journals, and for making cards, quilts and dolls.
  • Use Pigma Micron to leave a mark that will last a lifetime.