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Sketch Pens

Faber Castell ART-KART KIT (Assorted Crayons, Colour Pencils and Sketch pens)


Faber castell Art-Kart Kit (Assorted Crayons, Colour pencils and Sketch pens)

Faber Castell CANVAS KIT ( Colours + Brush + Printed Canvas)


The set contains: 6 Arcylic colours (4 classic & 2 rich Mettallic colours-Gold & Silver) 1 Pre-designed mounted canvas frame for creative construction 1 Synthetic paint brush

Faber Castell CONNECTOR PENS Set of 15


Make dimensional sculptures that combine your drawings with these unique marker pens that connect to one another and to your artwork. Just draw, color, cut out, and connect!

Faber Castell CONNECTOR PENS Set of 25


Product Code: 153025

Faber Castell CONNECTOR PENS Set of 50


Product Code: 153050

Maped Color'Peps - Duo Set of 10 Colours (Twin Tip)


10 Pen Sticks - 20 Colours (Twin Tip) Product Code: 849010

Crayola Double Doodle Kit


Washable from Skin, Clothing and Painted walls

Faber Castell CONNECTOR PENS Set of 10


Product Code: 153010

Sharpie Fine Black


The Sharpie Fine Black is ideal for most surfaces like paper, plastic, metal, canvas and more

Faber Castell World Traveler Case (with connector pens inside)


Inside the case: 30 connector pens 1 Colouring Passport Colouring in stickers