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Studio Acrylic Bindex Dyna - 100ml Blue

Manufacturer: PEBEO
SKU: 3167865242437


  • Mineral pigments have been added to original Bindex to create Pebeo Colored Bindex in three iridescent "Dyna" colors — Blue, Green, and Violet.
  • They impart a shimmering effect as light refracts according to the viewing angle.
  • Like original Bindex, Pebeo Colored Bindex makes an ideal acrylic binder for collage, and can also be mixed with Pebeo Mortars to improve adhesion.
  • It lends depth and brightness when mixed with Pebeo Acrylics.
  • Non-yellowing and waterproof when dry, it creates a flexible film with a glossy sheen.
  • Translucent and indelible when dry, Studio Dyna Bindex gives colours a flexible film and satin finish which reacts to light refraction
  • Studio Bindex dries in a few minutes to several hours depending on the thickness of the application.