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Toy Kraft -Glass Painted Mini Candle Jars

Manufacturer: TOY KRAFT
SKU: 564804
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Making glass candles was never so simple. By following the instructions and using the components provided you can make three very neat and pretty miniature glass candle jars. A white Outliner tube and Glass paints are provided for this.

 When lit the glass colours emit a beautiful aura. The best part about them is that the candles can be reused by filling them again with gel-wax. Not only can you re-use them, you can also transform their look by re-creating new designs on the jars.

 The pretty and petite candle jars can be lit up for any festive or special occasion.


 Mini glass jars: 3
 White Outliner: 1
 Glass Paints: 2
 Gel-wax: 1 packet
 Candle wicks: 6
 Background designs: 3