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Toy Kraft Mould & Paint - Cup Cakes

Manufacturer: TOY KRAFT
SKU: 8906022395662


  • Mould & Paint - Cup Cakes hobby kit is simply a delightful delicacy for the child and for the whole family. It provides moulding and crafting activity followed by painting.
  • You can create as many as 6 Cup Cakes from 12 moulds using Plaster of Paris!
  • After painting, the cup cakes look so very real and yummy!
  • You can even play a prank with your friends and relatives by offering these goodies to them at tea time.
  • Making these Cup Cakes is a really rewarding experience and you can proudly display your almost real delicious delicacies!

Moulds: 12; Tempera paints: 6 colours; Plaster of Paris: 1 packet; Blunt-edged knife: 1; Adhesive: 1; Paint brush: 1; Instruction manual