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Toy Kraft Make A Candle Stand Pack of 24

Manufacturer: TOY KRAFT
SKU: 8906022394214


  • Going arty with Candles is always interesting, but making a candle stand is going one step further.
  • Pour the plaster of Paris-water mixture into the moulds (candle stand and decorative elements) and allow them to set.
  • Paint the candle stand and elements and highlight with glitter.
  • Use adhesive to stick the decorative plaster of Paris pieces on the candle stand.
  • And now light a candle to illuminate your very own creation!

Mould for Candle Stand: 1; Moulds for decorative elements: 4; Adhesive: 1; Tempera paints: 6 colours; Plaster of Paris: 1 Packet; Paint brush: 1; Instruction manual