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Toy Kraft Mould & Paint

Manufacturer: TOY KRAFT
SKU: 8906022394016


  • This mould and paint kit contains as many as 18 moulds of various objects like fruits, flowers, vegetables, celestial figures and many more.
  • The moulding is done using Plaster of Paris.
  • When they have set nicely, the moulds are painted with the colours provided in this kit to make them look attractive and realistic.
  • The objects can be stuck with magnets and put up on the fridge or strung with thread to be put up for all to appreciate.
  • This is a value for money kit.

Plaster of Paris: 1Packet; Moulds: 18; Tempera paints: 6 colours; Paint brush: 1; Nylon thread: 1; Disc magnets: 9; Instruction Manual