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Varnish Spray & Fixative

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Arfina Fixative SPRAY TIN 200ml

200ml spray in tin bottle.Final smudge-proof coat for Pencil & Charcoal.

Kohinoor Fixative 300ml

This is used to fix pencil, charcoal or pastel drawings. Prevents drawings from dusting from the base and protects against abrasion, in a spray. Apply in a criss-cross pattern from a distance of around 20 to 30 cm. Perfumed.

Brustro Artists Fixative 400ml (Made in Spain)

The fixative is a transparent , non yellowing and non removable. The fixative can be used for pastels, charcoal, pencil and chalk drawings. It can apply in several light coat for best results.

Brustro Artists Picture Varnish Gloss 400ml (Made in Spain)

A final varnish for dry oil and acrylic paintings that protects them from dirt, moisture, and scuffs. When the crystal-clear varnish applied, enhance the beauty of your artwork while guarding it from environmental damage. Brustro varnishes are ideal as a final coating for dry oil and acrylic paintings and mix media work. It slowly dries to a gloss finish that is non-yellowing and flexible. Apply when painting is completely dry, normally within three to five days for acrylic paintings, and six to 12 months for oil paintings.

Winsor & newton Galeria Acrylic Black Gesso 1litre

Acrylic black Gesso 1litre

Winsor & newton Galeria Acrylic Color Binder 1litre

Acrylic Color Binder 1litre

Winsor & newton Galeria Acrylic Color Gesso 1litre

Acrylic Color Gesso 1litre

Winsor & newton Galeria Acrylic Color Gesso 2.5litre

Acrylic Color Gesso 2.5litre