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Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Gold Ochre 37ml (285)

Gold Ochre is an earth pigment, and as such, has been used since prehistoric times. It is a warm brownish yellow colour. It has been made synthetically since the 1920s.Colour Number: 285, Colour Series:1, Product Code: 1214285, Pigment(s): PY42.

Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Iridescent White 37ml (330)

Iridescent White is a semi-opaque pearlescent white colour. The pearlescent effect is most effective when mixed with transparent colours and even more effective laid over a dark background. Colour Number: 330, Colour Series: 1, Product Code: 1214330,

Winsor & Newton Artist Oil Colour SR-1 Ivory Black 37ml (331)

Ivory black is a stable all-round black colour with brown undertones and excellent tinting powers. Its name stems from the traditional method for obtaining it: roasting elephant tusks. Colour Number: 331, Colour Series: 1, Pigment(s): PBk9, Product Cod: 1214331.